Texas Creditor's Bar Association


The Texas Creditor's Bar Association is an organization of Texas attorneys which was formed for the purpose of promoting professionalism among collection attorneys, elevating the practice of collection law, and improving the judicial system for the benefit of its members.


The Texas Creditor's Bar Association has five standing committees through which it coordinates its primary activities:

  • Legislative Affairs
  • Judicial Affairs
  • Public Affairs
  • Membership
  • Education


A Seat at the Table - With the increasing prospect of statutory and/or procedural changes impacting the delivery of collection services in Texas, it is imperative that industry professionals organize themselves into a representative Association in order to assure that they are consulted regarding any such changes.

A Common Voice - The Association provides a mechanism for creditor's
rights attorneys to speak with a common voice . . . and to have that voice heard over the din of other voices attempting to adversely impact the collection industry.

A Common Calling - The Association provides the opportunity for industry professionals to share best practices, to pool resources, and to voice their concerns regarding changes which they see occurring with the courts.